The Revival

The Revival find themselves being a hot topic again after this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. As a result of a comedy segment with The Usos, The Revival were asked to do a very specific thing by the attending crowd. Let’s find out what that was!

Shave Your Back

The Usos and The Revival had a comedy segment this week, which involved some back shaving backstage for The Revival with The Usos filming it. While the segment was undoubtedly funny, at least in my humble opinion, the crowd turned the segment into more than just a funny gimmick.

Once the segment between The Usos and The Revival had ended, the crowd could not help themselves but to chant “Shave your back.” It did not just stop at The Revival though, as the chants continued well into the main event segment of AJ Styles.

Other Brilliant Chants That Have Persisted Over the Years

The Revival now have their own chant, even though it may not have been that welcome. Over the years, the WWE has a tendency to get some creative chants from the wrestling universe, some more ridiculous than others. Here are some of the chants that have been popular over the years, and some that are now becoming popular.


Daniel Bryan

One of the most memorable chants in WWE history is undoubtedly Daniel Bryan’s “Yes” chant. In fact, his chant sprung the “Yes Movement,” who basically forced WWE management to finally take Daniel Bryan seriously and give him a title. This is a perfect example of how powerful persistent chants can be.

[Wrestler] is gonna kill you!


This chant was extremely popular in NXT before it even made its way to the main roster. In fact, whenever Asuka had an opponent, the crowd would burst out in “Asuka’s gonna kill you” chants. Now, the chant is used when a big or powerful wrestler faces an underwhelming wrestler on the main roster.


Stone Cold Stever Austin

One of the most persistent yet simplest chants in WWE history is undoubtedly the “what” chants. There were made big by none other than the Texas Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin. The “what” chants have made it all the way from the attitude era.

The “what” chants have had various meanings over the years. However, nowadays, it is a chant that indicates the crowd has zero interest in what a wrestler has got to say. Wrestlers who have been at the bad end of this chant recently include Baron Corbin and Elias.

Fight Forever

Johnny Gargano

This is quite the recent chant, but extremely popular on the NXT roster. It is now slowly making its way to the main roster, although the chant is reserved for only the best matches. Since those are little and far in between on the main roster, you will hear this chant more on NXT than on main roster WWE.

There have been countless wrestlers that have received the Fight Forever chant. However, one of the NXT wrestlers who got them the most is none other than technical wrestling specialist Johnny Gargano (and deservingly so).

What is your favourite chant?