Revival Had An Odd RAW + Champion Attacked After Show

Revival Had An Odd RAW + Champion Attacked After Show

The Revival have had an interesting few months. The Superstars had previously been reported to be unhappy with how they were booked. Their unhappiness lead them to request-but not receive-their release from WWE.

Instead, they were told that the tag team division would be getting a renewed push (it really has not…yet). The duo did get something of a push, however, as they became RAW Tag Team Champions shortly after news of their unhappiness came out.

However, their reign has already ended, and the duo had what can nicely be called a weird night on RAW last night.

For starters, they were the butt of a joke where Jimmy and Jey “filmed” Dash and Dawson in the shower, with one shaving the other’s back. Body shaming and invading one’s privacy aside, Wrestling Observer indicated this was perhaps WWE looking to humiliate the tag team.

The pair do have lucrative new deals on the table, but have yet to sign them. You’d think WWE would not necessarily look to offend them before they’ve re-signed (if WWE really wants them to). Apparently, WWE prefers a passive-aggressive approach.

-Speaking of an odd night for The Revival….

RAW closed with the contract signing for AJ Styles and Seth Rollins. RAW went off air with Styles standing tall over Rollins, whom he just put through a table.

After the show was off air, The Revival decided to pick over the scraps.

Despite Rollins just going through a table, and even with strength in numbers, the former RAW Tag Team Champions each took a stomp from Rollins and came out on the losing end. The Universal Champion got to pose victorious for the fans to close out the night.

For Dash and Dawson, to have your personal grooming shown to an audience of millions, and then end the night by being jobbed out to the outnumbered Universal Champ, it certainly makes you wonder what their long term status with WWE is.