Possible RAW Spoiler + Is SmackDown Getting A New Belt?

-Based on how things have gone since last Monday Night RAW, fans are expecting a Shield reunion in some way, shape or form, and soon. One was teased during a segment last week, but nothing has been made official…yet.

We have a match advertised for tonight’s RAW that ought to go a long way toward changing that dynamic, if it’s something WWE is interested in actually having. For that matter, hopefully Dean Ambrose is interested in going along too.

On RAW tonight, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are slated to do battle against Bobby Lashley, Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre in a handicap match. This of course plays off of their interaction from last RAW, when Rollins and Reigns made the save as that trio-plus Elias-put a hurting on their on again, off again Shield brother, Dean Ambrose.

One could expect that the numbers might prove to be too much, ultimately creating an opportunity for the Lunatic Fringe to return the favor from last week. That alone could simply lead to the booking of a three on three affair for Fastlane.

One other rumor that had been kicked around was to actually expand such a match into an eight man tag. To do so, Elias and Braun Strowman would also be included.

Adding Strowman to the face side absolutely makes sense. Rollins is supposedly still not 100%, and WWE will no doubt want to protect him ahead of his huge WrestleMania bout against Brock Lesnar. Also take into account Roman Reigns has been on the shelf for several months and is just getting back into the ring…adding healthy and capable bodies will help make this a better match.

-There have long been rumors about having the SmackDown WWE World Championship belt get a blue leather strap, not unlike how the RAW Universal title has a red one. We got a tease of what that would look like over the weekend, at a live show.

Unfortunately, this particular belt is simply a fan-created option. However, considering the eco-belt is specific to Daniel Bryan, we can expect that whenever he is dethroned, the new champion might bring back the old belt. Or, a new take on the old belt.

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