John Cena's WrestleMania 36

John Cena knows how to set up a WrestleMania match, even if a match is not confirmed. Remember his match with the Undertaker? This year seems to be no different. Even though there is no match planned for Big Match John, Cena continues to troll a certain WWE superstar. That indicates he could make an appearance at WrestleMania to teach this star a lesson. Here is the story.

Trolling Baron Corbin on Social Media

John Cena

Since Kurt Angle revealed he will be facing Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 35, the WWE Universe believes some other plans are in the making for Angle’s retirement match. A big name that had been going around was John Cena, but that seemed to be a red herring. Or is it?

Cena has been trolling Baron Corbin on social media for some time now. On Instagram, Cena has posted a number of photographs, having a laugh at Corbin’s expense.

Because of the continuous trolling, fans believe the John Cena could interfere with the Corbin versus Angle match. In fact, now it is expected by the WWE Universe. A retirement match between Angle and Cena would make a whole lot more sense than one between Corbin and Angle.

Why it Should Be John Cena Versus Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle versus John Cena

If it is the WWE’s intention to make John Cena face Kurt Angle with this setup, I have to admit it has been done well. Since John has no match booked, it is extremely likely he will interfere in the match somehow. Doing so would make sense, especially with the history between Cena and Angle. If you are not familiar with this history, let us enlighten you.

When John Cena made his debut in the WWE, his first match was against none other than Kurt Angle. Even though he lost the match, his “ruthless aggression” entrance and the sheer quality of the match put John Cena in the minds of the WWE Universe. It launched his career in more ways than one. Therefore, John Cena would be the perfect pick for Angle’s retirement match.

There are so many angles to play here, if you forgive the pun. The reference to “ruthless aggression” could mean Cena beating the man who he lost to in his debut. And, John Cena could give a respectful send-off to one of the WWE’s most legendary wrestlers. Baron Corbin cannot really do that, since he is one of the most hated WWE superstars in regards to his character. Either way, Corbin is not a good fit and Cena is the perfect fit. So, I do think Cena will be the one to give Angle the perfect retirement match.

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