If Kurt Angle Loses To Baron Corbin At Wrestlemania 35, We Riot

Kurt Angle’s Farewell Tour on Monday Night RAW as of late has been a joy to watch. From his matches with up-and-coming talents like Apollo and Chad Gable, to last night’s battle against Impact rival Samoa Joe; his final matches have offered the superstar and his fans some feel-good moments, with competitors we want to see Angle challenge before he hangs up his wrestling boots.


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2 different generations come together for one night. #itstrue #fellowolympians @wwegable

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According to Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer, WWE has allowed Kurt to choose all these opponents during his final in-ring days with the company, well, all of them except for his Wrestlemania 35 challenger, Baron Corbin.

Which brings me to this next thought. While watching Angle score win after win has been great, especially since he had such a terrible run/return to the ring last fall (how can we forget the WWE booking him to tap out to his own signature Angle Lock at the hands of Drew McIntyre). Having said that, long-time fans know that wins leading up to Wrestlemania, most times mean that we may be gearing up for an Angle loss, come the Grandest Stage of Them All. After all, add these wins into the equation, and the fact that the WWE generally books most superstars to lose on their way out, where we only need to point to Ric Flair and even Shawn Michael’s Wrestlemania retirement matches to see that there is a very good chance that Angle could get pinned or tap out come April 7th.

Which is fine, but to Baron Corbin? How would losing to Corbin really help Baron’s story move forward?

It’s no secret, I, along with many within the WWE Universe, have found the opponent of Baron Corbin for Angle’s last match extremely anticlimactic. The announcement during the March 18th edition of Monday Night RAW was a letdown to the say the least, as many fans were hoping that it would be, well, anyone but Corbin at this point. Therefore, not only would it be disappointing for Angle to lose at Wrestlemania, but losing at the hands of an upper-mid-card superstar who doesn’t really seem to be going anywhere within the roster ranks is that much more disappointing. Baron seemed like he was on his way to something special, but after losing his Money in the Bank (MITB) briefcase in the summer of 2017, he’s lingered in and out of the main event, not even touching the title race picture at this point.


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I went toe to toe with Joe tonight. #farewelltour #itstrue

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With John Cena trolling Corbin on Instagram, there is a glimmer of hope that this Wrestlemania 35 match could get switched up. Or perhaps, Angle does get the win he deserves before retirement, thanks to a John Cena assist.


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Having said that, if Baron Corbin wins, and cleanly at that, I propose the WWE fans riot …

Who’s with me?