John Cena

According to SEScoops, the leader of the Cenation is dating again. TMZ spotted the WWE superstar alongside a mystery brunette in Vancouver, where Cena is currently shooting his next movie Playing With Fire.

Dinner Date

John Cena


TMZ claims Cena had a dinner date with an unknown brunette, who has not been identified yet. The pair were spotted leaving their dinner date holding hands. According to the photo agency who took the photograph, the pair were enjoying a 4-hour dinner date.

Interestingly, Cena was spotted with the mystery brunette just days after Nikki Bella revealed it would kill her to see John Cena with anyone else. That being said, she has been dating her former Dancing with the Stars dance partner Artem Chigvintsev since January. Nikki confirmed she was dating him only a couple of weeks ago on the Bella’s podcast, even though the rumor had been circulating for some time.

It is good to see John Cena moving on with his life. I’m sure the breakup from his long-time girlfriend Nikki was quite the blow for him.  I wish him nothing but happiness at this point. Just hoping he has some spare time to do some additional Celtic Warrior workouts.

If you have not spotted them yet, Cena shows some of his daily workouts on the Celtic Warrior podcast. During the podcast, he even counts his sets in mandarin, which makes it all the more fun. Trust it from someone who tried the circuit, they are surprisingly fun.

WrestleMania Rumors

John Cena

John Cena currently has no scheduled match for WrestleMania. Of course, this does not mean there are not any rumors about the matches John Cena could be playing a role in.

One of the matches rumored for John Cena involved Kurt Angle. Kurt is having his wrestling retirement match against “The Constable” Baron Corbin, much to the distress of the WWE Universe. However, it is believed the WWE has a plan. It might involve John Cena interfering during the match, leading to a retirement match that brings Kurt Angle’s and John Cena’s career full circle.

Another rumor that is circulating for WrestleMania 35 relates to Elias. It is said that Elias will have a “big performance” at WrestleMania, so we do not really know what this will entail. Rumor indicates that the WWE are now considering a segment between Elias and John Cena at Wrestlemania 35.

While Cena is filming a new movie, there is a slight possibility that Cena might not appear at WrestleMania at all. A WrestleMania without John Cena feels strange though, so it makes me think there are some plans in place already.

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