Many believed it was only a matter of time before Nikki Bella and John Cena reconciled. However, it seems like Nikki has officially moved on with someone outside the wrestling business, her former dance partner on Dancing with the Stars, Artem Chigvintsev.

Attraction At Dancing With The Stars

Despite her unexpected split from John Cena three weeks before their wedding, not a lot of people are surprised that Nikki started dating Artem. The attraction between the couple was extremely noticeable during their dance routines.

Nikki has confirmed she is now dating Artem. The couple have apparently been seeing each other for quite some time. Ironically, Artem was set to choreograph the first dance for Nikki and John’s wedding.

Who Is Artem Chigvintsev?



Artem Chigvintsev is a professional dancer of Russian descent. He was born in Izhevsk, Russia and eventually moved to the U.S. to make a name for himself as a ballroom dancer.

He began dancing with his first wife Giselle Peacock in 2003 and the pair married in 2004. However, the couple divorced in 2005. During his early career, he also auditioned for So You Think You Can DanceWhile originally eliminated from the competition, he returned as a guest choreographer the next year. He would then appear on the show for four seasons.

On the 18th season of Dancing With The Stars, Artem joined the show as a member of The Dance Troupe. He would later become a professional dancer on the show for the 19th season. Aside from Nikki Bella, Artem danced with Patti LaBelle, Mischa Barton, Maureen McCormick, Nancy Kerrigan, Jamie Anderson and Danielle Umstead.

Where Do Things Stand With John Cena?

The relationship between Artem and Nikki is expected to play a central role in the next season of Total DivasWhile Nikki has confirmed she is dating Artem, there is little to be found in terms of Nikki confirming the relationship is serious. Time will tell.

In the meantime, Nikki has admitted she is not really in contact with John anymore. If that means their relationship is well and truly over, once again, time will tell.

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