John Cena’s TV Return Date, Young Bucks Turn Down WWE Contract?

-As John Cena has transitioned from WWE mainstay to WWE part-timer, one date he was pretty much a lock for was WrestleMania. However, the news thus far indicates no solid plans for Cena as it pertains to the biggest show of the year, just a month away.

As recently as last week, rumors (and on screen actions) seemed to point to a possible clash between John Cena and Samoa Joe. Joe defeated R-Truth for the United States Championship, and in a post-match victory interview, took shots at Truth for following in Cena’s footsteps.

It seemed that the talk was lining up a match for WrestleMania, but now that may not be the case at all. According to Wrestling Observer, not only is Cena/Joe not currently the plan, but actually WWE appears to have no plans for Cena at all.

One possible options is, WWE could revisit the initial plans of Cena battling Lars Sullivan. Sullivan appears to be in a better place now, but with neither man currently on WWE Television, there would be a lot to set up in a limited amount of time. Not saying it’s impossible to do, but it looks like Cena has a long road to WrestleMania.

-Speaking of Superstars not seen on television lately-Bray Wyatt has been missing since last Fall when he and former partner Matt Hardy split when Hardy took time off.

Since that time, Wyatt has been a popular rumor. Many expected him to show up by now, perhaps as a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble.

According to comments from wrestling writer Tom Colohue, Wyatt continues to be kept off of TV for creative reasons, and his future is a rather closely guarded secret.

Considering Wyatt Family member Rowan has returned to television already, and Harper seems poised to do so as well following a house show return, one has to think Wyatt should be close. It’s interesting that WWE has, at least in the short term, done away with the Bludgeon Brothers. With a rumored push of the tag team division, could WWE put Harper and Wyatt together to add depth to either brand?

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