Carol Burnett Show

“The Carol Burnett Show” gave us a window into some hilarious situations. You never knew what topics the skits would cover on the hit comedy show, but you did know that you were going to laugh.

Sometimes people get in precarious situations the night before their wedding. That’s what Carol Burnett tackled in a skit with Steve Lawrence and Lyle Waggoner. Steve, Chuck Moran in the skit,  was at the bar celebrating the fact that he was getting married the next day.

One Last Pick Up

Waggoner was taunting the fact that after marriage, a husband isn’t permitted to go out anymore. Then he dared the groom to try to see if he could pick up a woman for the last time. Suddenly, Carol Burnett strolls into the bar and became a target.

After being bet $10 that he couldn’t pick her up, Lawrence heads over to charm her. Within a minute or so, it became clear that this might be one of the greatest mistakes of his life. Carol had too much to drink on the flight into town to attend her sister’s wedding the next morning.

She hadn’t met the groom yet, but it became obvious that her sister was marrying the man trying to pick her up.

Classic Comedy Fun

This skit is classic Carol Burnett with some funny twists and turns along the way, but the best part comes at the end when she realizes who was trying to take her home.

If you miss classic television shows like this, you will really laugh at the video below!

That was the perfect ending to that skit. It was always so fun to watch the show as you knew all the laughter would take your mind off your troubles.

From 1967 to 1978, Americans tuned in to watch “The Carol Burnett Show.”

The hit program was a family favorite that provided us with countless laughs to end our day. There aren’t any shows on television like this one anymore!

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