Harvey Korman Tries To Put The Moves On Carol Burnett But She’s Not Having It!

Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman discuss love life after 60 in this hilarious Old Folks skit from "The Carol Burnett Show."

Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman appeared together in a lot of skits on “The Carol Burnett Show.” They all were memorable, but it’s hard to forget The Old Folks.

Carol was Molly and Harvey was Bert. The older married couple lost the spark in their romance years ago. This troubled Bert and he brought up the topic as they waited at the gas station in their old school Model T Ford during the gas shortage.

Those were the times when you could only get your gas on certain days and even then you’d have to wait a long time to fill up. Going to the gas station was an event, thanks to the oil shortage. The Old Folks were prepared for their day and got to the station at 4 am to ensure they were the first in line.

The Old Folks got there so early that the station wasn’t even open yet! So, while they were chatting, Bert brought up their lack of a love life. He was not thrilled that the flame had burned out, but Molly was not interested in rekindling the romance at this point in her life.

Bert didn’t want his old age to interfere with his love life. He said he’s like their Model T Ford, “I get turned on by an old crank.”

Molly was not having any of it and compared the situation to President Nixon’s downfall. “Our love life is like the Watergate tapes,” Carol Burnett said, “Eighteen minutes of nothing.”

Relationships change over the years. Anyone who has been in a very long relationship will get a kick out of the video below!


Americans tuned in to watch “The Carol Burnett Show” for eleven years. There has never been another show quite like it. You didn’t know what to expect from these hilarious skits, which always kept us coming back!

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