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The media has been obsessed with Bob Woodward’s Trump hating book “Fear,” but it has been knocked out of his bestseller spot by an unlikely author – Mike Rowe’s mother.

In a Facebook video, the “Dirty Jobs” host couldn’t stop laughing at the irony that his mom’s book about hope overtook the leftwing journalist’s book about fear. “About My Mother… True Stories of a Horse-Crazy Daughter and Her Baseball-Obsessed Mother” is the number one at Barnes and Noble. That’s number one overall, not just in a specific category.

What’s truly remarkable is that this book isn’t even available yet. Mrs. Rowe destroyed Bob Woodward and the Resistance with pre-orders for her book about her relationship with her mother! The book will be available November 13th, but demand is already incredibly high. People want to read positive and uplifting stories rather than ones determined to take down our President!

Rowe called his parents to share the good news early Sunday morning when they were on their way to church. In typical fashion, his parents were simply adorable. Nobody was expecting such a reaction to the book, especially Mike’s mom!


Mrs. Rowe asked if something was wrong with Amazon, but the preorders are accurate! She isn’t number one overall, but when presales became available there, the book jumped to number one on the Sports and Outdoors and also Best Sellers in Rich and Famous Celebrities lists!

Despite the impressive book sales, Rowe doesn’t want his mom being called a rich and famous celebrity just yet! This success shouldn’t go to her head.

Mike is hoping Costco and Walmart take notice of these incredible online pre-order book sales and begin carrying his mom’s book for the Christmas season.

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