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Mike Rowe is a great storyteller. He weaves tales using humor and goodwill. It’s clear to see that he inherited this skill from his mom who sent him a hilarious email about an action-packed day that included a lightning strike and the drama that ensued.

Lightning Strikes

As he read her email to his Facebook followers, Mike couldn’t help but laugh and you probably will, too! After a lightning strike at their condo building, Mrs. Rowe was concerned about where her day would lead. There were screams and smoke detectors were going off. Her husband jumped and said it was like “Armageddon.” This was just too much excitement for this couple. “Our hearts and taxes can’t take it anymore,” she said.

A New TV

She imagined Mike’s dad having to shop for a new television. He is so thorough that she believed it would take six months and involve focus groups and intensive comparison shopping. Worse, Mr. Rowe began studying about power surges. He read that surviving a lightning strike can give someone superpowers. He immediately began expecting to do everything bigger, faster, and better.

Their day not only included a lightning strike, but taxes, and a funeral as well. You will laugh out loud with Mike while watching the video below. This couple must never have a mundane day!

Takes After His Mom

The apple obviously doesn’t fall far from the tree. It’s no wonder Mike Rowe is such an excellent storyteller and down to earth man. His childhood must have been filled with crazy stories and the ensuing hilarity.

Who needs a TV when you’ve got quality entertainment like that?

If you like hearing Mike Rowe’s mom’s stories, listen to Mike read a letter about what his parents encountered at Walmart. Her powerful storytelling makes even a trip to Walmart seem like an exciting adventure!



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