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Antifa flag burning
December 11, 2019
Video shows Antifa protestors burning a thin blue line flag and taunting the police in Seattle. These radicals also waved the Soviet flag.
Robert De Niro Donald Trump
November 26, 2019
Proving that Trump Derangement Syndrome is a serious problem, Robert De Niro once again took aim at Donald Trump, calling him a “fake president.”
murphy brown sarah huckabee sanders
October 9, 2018
Murphy Brown’s low ratings continue after the show goes after White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders proving it’s too political for a sitcom.
mike rowe mom book
September 10, 2018
Mike Rowe’s mom’s book knocked off Bob Woodward’s anti-Trump book as the best seller. Rowe’s book isn’t even available yet. These are pre-orders!
maga hat man jail
August 31, 2018
A 30-year-old man is facing a felony charge for ripping the MAGA hat off a teenager. Kino Jimemez already lost his job, now he’s facing jail time.