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Chick-fil-A is well known for being closed on Sundays. This is a priority for this Christian company, which strives to uphold their values and honor their employees at the same time. But recently, Chick-fil-A broke one of their main rules and it proves once and for all who they really are as a company.

It’s a protocol that each franchise must follow to ensure their employees have time off and can attend church. It allows for a day of rest on the Sabbath rather than a day of work. But in times of crisis, the beloved restaurant chain will open its doors to help out as is the Christian way.

When Hurricane Florence hit, there were plenty of displaced people in need of food. Donovan and Nikki Carless decided opening the doors to the North Carolina Chick-fil-A was the right thing to do on a Sunday in this situation.

When they proposed the idea to their staff, everyone agreed and the golden rule of being closed on Sunday was put aside. Breaking this Christian rule was actually a very Christian thing to do as the evacuees in need.

The restaurant wasn’t open for business to the general public, though. This was a goodwill operation with a targeted audience. The Carlesses¬†worked with the Red Cross to serve 500 sandwiches and 1200 nuggets to people stuck in shelters after fleeing their homes.

These people had to leave their homes and run from Hurricane Florence, but they got a treat that most people will never experience – fresh Chick-Fil-A on a Sunday! That is terrific comfort food in a time of crisis!

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This company truly embodies Christian values. They know to prioritize Sunday as being a day of rest, but there is no resting when God’s work is to be done! It’s no wonder that people feel compelled to sing worship songs at these fast food restaurants. Video of one such performance is below.

Chick-fil-A also came to rescue during Hurricane Harvey. One Houston area franchise sent a jet ski to the home of some elderly regular customers who were trapped in their flooded home. Click here to read about that story!

Source: WLOS

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