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Today, most flash mobs are created to cause a stir, but 60 Christian a cappella singers chose instead to mob a Nashville Chick-fil-A to unexpectedly bring some joy, faith, and inspiration to their patrons. What a perfect location to spread the Word of God!

Men from all over the world were in town to get training on worshipping through song. They put it to the test while having chicken sandwiches at the chain that is known for its founder’s Christian beliefs. Diners at the restaurant reacted very positively, enjoying the impromptu performance. Employees were also happy to have the religious entertainment as they can be seen praising God as the singers belted out their love for Christ.

Chris Armstead is a worship leader at a Georgia church. He posted a video of the Christian flash mob to Facebook where it astoundingly has been viewed over 9 million times. These men brought a tremendous amount of joy, not only to the people in the restaurant but to millions of others viewing it on the internet! This is an amazing way to preach the Lord’s message. Take it directly to where they are and show them how to embrace it!

A group of four men started out this inspiring performance by singing “Every Praise” by Hezekiah Walker before being joined by dozens of other men scattered across the restaurant. Everyone in the group had ordered and when the food started coming out, they began worshipping through song.

The smiles on the faces of the other diners when they hear this Christian song will lift your spirits! Some who knew the song joined in and sang along.


Beautiful! That’s how you encourage others to spread the word of God.

Another well-received flash mob was held by a gospel choir at a mall. Their performance of “Oh Happy Day” was enhanced by the acoustics in the building. It was impossible for shoppers to escape the joyful Christian music being heard throughout the mall! It stopped everyone in their tracks as they stood in awe of the message and the music.


Source: CBS News

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