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Tim Conway and Harvey Korman were quite the comedy duo and made us laugh constantly on “The Carol Burnett Show.” They often would make each other laugh in the middle of a skit, too!

It’s fun to watch these classic television shows and see how different things are today.

Tim Conway Frustrates Harvey Korman

In one hilarious skit about an airline, Tim Conway is both the check-in agent and security for Speedo Airlines. The airline clearly did not live up to its name. It’s nothing like we have to go through with TSA today, but still quite frustrating for Harvey Korman who was portraying a Hollywood filmmaker!

Tim was being his typical self and obviously going off script as Harvey was trying so hard not to laugh. Conway didn’t appear to know what he was doing with his check-in duties. And, things deteriorated from there when he demanded to inspect Harvey’s briefcase and pulled out his underwear.

Tim Conway is such a terrific entertainer that he can make something as simple as stamping a boarding pass comedic gold!

Terrible Security Guard

Tim was such a horrendous security agent that he destroyed years of Harvey’s work. Anyone who has ever had a frustrating experience at the airport will find this skit both a source of laughter and anxiety.

If you were a fan of “The Carol Burnett Show,” you will love watching the video below!

Harvey had a hard time keeping it together as Tim stamped the film and the outside of the luggage. The best skits always left the actors unable to control their own laughter!

Sketch comedy shows of the 60s and 70s are unlike anything that is on television today.

The whole family could gather around the television for a good laugh without any concerns about something being inappropriate.

If you miss seeing Tim Conway and Harvey Korman skits, click here to watch Harvey in tears of laughter as Tim was dressed as a woman.

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