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Foster Brooks always brought down the house at Dean Martin’s Roasts. Perhaps his most epic performance was when he celebrated Hubert Humphrey. The roar of laughter filled the room the entire time Brooks was at the podium.

Foster Brooks And Bad Timing

This 1974 Roast took place back when Hollywood A-listers and politicians didn’t take themselves too seriously.

The political comedy was fun-loving rather than the bitter vitriol it is today.

The 1968 presidential failure knew what he was in for when he agreed to be roasted and appeared to love every minute of being skewered and celebrated by Brooks.

The Audience Loves Brooks

Just at the mere mention of Foster Brooks’ name, the crowd erupted in laughter. They knew they were in for something hilarious.

Throughout the entire performance, Dean Martin couldn’t keep from laughing. It was that funny!

“I can’t figure out how the heck we lost,” Foster told Humphrey. “The only thing I can figure out is that it was bad timing. You just happened to be running for president the same time Nixon was.”

Imagine a comedian saying that to Hillary Clinton after her refusing to accept her crushing loss.

She would have never stood for it, yet Hubert Humphrey delighted in the humor of it all!

Politically Incorrect And Hilarious

Brooks took aim at the names of other politicians in this roast as well. He didn’t just joke about the Man of the Hour!

“Before I got a hold of him, he thought Henry Cabot Lodge was a hotel,” Foster said to laughs. “And Barry Goldwater was a urologist!”

Typical of these roasts, the humor was politically incorrect. Brooks even took aim at the riots of the civil rights era by claiming that the former Vice President had a special way of taking care of those affected by sending marshmallows to roast as Watts burned. He would never get away with a joke that like today!

Rather than being upset about being made fun of, Humphrey sat there and laughed at himself. Nothing was off the table. Brooks even accused him of having multiple affairs!

“Unlike other politicians, you’ll never hear any stories about Humphrey and broads,” Brooks quipped. “I ought to know cause I’m the one who paid them all off.”

Dean Martin Roars With Laughter

This roast just might be my favorite. Dean Martin can hardly handle himself, especially at the end.

If you miss politically incorrect humor and people being able to take a joke, you will love watching the video below! Your sides might even hurt from laughing so hard!

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