wwyd parents call girlfriend fat

There are plenty of shallow people in this world who value appearance over character. But, there are also plenty of good people who still stand up and put heartless people in their place.

In an episode of “What Would You Do?” a slender young man is excited to introduce his parents to his new girlfriend at a restaurant. He is completely in love and it’s obvious by his enthusiasm and how he talks about his new love. When his girlfriend shows up, the parents take one look at her and immediately verbalize their disgust with her looks.

The parents make fat jokes and say that their son should only date thin women. They even get up and walk out in disgust. These awful comments are said so loudly that everyone in the restaurant can hear them. Time after time, other diners chastise these truly terrible parents who have no concern for their son or his girlfriend’s feelings.

But, there is another twist to this. Ashley Graham is watching all of this as it is happening. She is a plus sized model who has appeared in many magazines, including the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. She exemplifies the fact that beauty has no size. Ashley had tears in her eyes as she saw the parents berate the plus-sized actress. Then she stepped out into the restaurant to take on the role of the overweight girlfriend.

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Ashley’s beauty is undeniable, but these parents only care about her dimensions. They try to completely humiliate her, but you will be inspired how strangers come to her defense.


The response of the other diners gives me a lot of hope that we are moving past putting so much emphasis on looks. A person’s character is much more important than their physical appearance. Let’s be the people that understand love comes in all sizes.

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