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We would all like to think we would have the courage to stand up and speak out when we see an injustice happening before our eyes, but when many people are actually put in situations like this, they end up not being brave enough to take action.

The television show “What Would You Do?” puts people in situations where they publicly see someone being mistreated. They hire actors to walk into a public place and create some kind of conflict, then they film to see if bystanders will actually intervene.

In one viral clip from the show, a family is admonished for praying in a restaurant. The clip opens with a family holding hands and saying grace before they eat their meal at a restaurant. An actress who is portraying an atheist then yells at them in front of the entire restaurant, telling them to stop shoving their Christian views in her face.

Though the family and the atheist are actors, everyone else in the restaurant thinks the conflict is real and they look on silently as this blatant discrimination of Christians takes place right before their eyes. Though some of the people in the restaurant stay silent and continue their meals, one older woman cannot let this act of bigotry continue.

“Maybe you shouldn’t be here,” the fed-up woman tells the atheist. She then offers an apology to the family for what they had to go through.

The elderly woman’s husband continues to stay silent until the atheist stands up and confronts his wife. That’s when things really start to get interesting!

Check out the video below to see what happens next and how some of the other diners react.

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Any Christian knows that Christians are being discriminated against more than ever these days, and something like this could easily happen right before your eyes someday soon. How do you think you would have reacted if you saw something like this happen? Let us know in the comments section!

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