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The liberal bias of “The View” is undeniable. With only one conservative host, these ladies push a left-wing agenda five days a week. But, there are plenty of times when there has been some terrific pushback that exposes the lunacy and double standards of these liberal ladies.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a serious problem on this show. There is an obsession with smearing President Trump evident in each episode. It’s the focal point of the show and it makes these ladies look foolish to anyone who isn’t infected with this political virus.

Here are five great takedowns to the liberal nonsense on ABC’s “The View”:

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

The White House Press Secretary deserves a lot of praise for sitting at the table with these women who are very vocal about their obsession with destroying her and her boss, President Trump.

Joy Behar bit off more than she could chew when Sanders was on the show. When another host complained about the White House calling some reports from the media “fake news,” Behar immediately regurgitated some fake news to attack President Trump. She claimed that 95% of what Trump says is a lie.

Sanders wasn’t about to let this loud mouth steamroll over her with lies.

She pointed out that false narratives, such as the one Joy Behar was pushing at that moment, inhibit the President’s ability to do his job. As Americans, we should want the President to succeed, even if we disagree with him, Huckabee said to applause.


Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil isn’t a political person, but Joy Behar is obsessed with getting everyone to hate President Trump. She tried to get Dr. Phil to label the President as a narcissist, but his response probably had her wishing she hadn’t tried at all.

Dr. Phil never took Joy’s bait. He detailed what a narcissist is and then he dropped the hammer on her. He said every woman at that table could fit the definition of a narcissist!

Meghan McCain

McCain has proven to be a very worthy addition to “The View.” She does not back down when her liberal co-hosts lie and spread fake news to tarnish Republicans.

“The View” erupted in cheers when Joy Behar announced breaking news during taping of the show that candidate Trump told Michael Flynn to contact the Russians. They were celebrating what would have been a national security issue. But, it was later corrected that this did not actually happen. The ABC reporter who spread the fake news was suspended and Joy Behar had to walk back her celebration.

Meghan McCain called out the double standards of her co-hosts in epic fashion by reminding them that they want America to fail just to retaliate against President Trump.


Harris Faulkner

When the Fox News host went on “The View,” the liberals focused on her race. She was asked about being the only black host of a show on the conservative-leaning news channel.

Harris Faulkner turned the tables on these ladies who were trying to paint her as being a “token” minority on Fox News. She reminded them that MSNBC is lacking in diversity and HLN only had one black host.

Faulkner is personal friends with McCain so it was very interesting to see McCain’s cohosts try to go after her.


Meghan McCain, again

She has been such a stellar spokesperson for conservatives that Meghan McCain makes this list twice. She doesn’t give her co-hosts a free pass!

In the clip below, McCain takes on both Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar on separate topics. When discussing the political divide in the country, Goldberg said it was about race. McCain fired back calling Goldberg’s comments “a cheap shot.”

But, McCain’s best slam was directed at Joy Behar whose hatred of Trump is undeniable.

“What I would like to know, is why do people think that the Republican Party with Trump in charge, is going to help them out of their poverty when they give tax breaks to the very wealthy of this country?” Behar asked. “Their policy is going to destroy American companies.”

“Because his messaging is better than yours!” McCain yelled at Behar!

It was quite a slam for Behar to hear that Trump does anything better than her! That is probably still ringing in her ears!


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