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Joy Behar bit off more than she could chew when White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was a guest on “The View.” The talk show host told Sanders she “feels sorry for” her for having to speak on behalf of President Trump. Sanders then put Behar in her place.

When another host complained about the White House calling some reports from the media “fake news,” Behar immediately regurgitated some fake news to attack President Trump. She claimed that 95% of what Trump says is a lie.

“The problem with that, Joy, is that you are doing exactly what we are talking about and pushing a false narrative,” Sanders shot back.

After being called out for her fake news, Behar then attempted to shift the focus by throwing pity on Sanders and doubling down on her lie about President Trump.

“I feel for you,” Behar said, reiterating her false claim that Trump only tells the truth 5 percent of the time. “I feel sorry for you that you have to go out and defend those lies every day.”

Sanders wasn’t about to let this loud mouth steamroll over her with lies. She pointed out that false narratives, such as the one Joy Behar was pushing at that moment, inhibit the President’s ability to do his job. As Americans, we should want the President to succeed, even if we disagree with him, Huckabee said to applause.

“His success is America’s success,” Sanders says in the video below.

I have to give Sarah Huckabee Sanders credit. It would be hard to sit there and listen to those ladies spew lies, and false narratives, about President Trump. But, she set them straight.

Sanders takes fake news head-on. She went into the lion’s den on “The View and wasn’t afraid to point out their nonsense, and lies, right to their faces!

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