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Tempers flared on a Los Angeles road when the driver of a Jeep Cherokee took out his road rage over traffic on a Prius owner who was stuck in front of him. A viral video of the event shows how things quickly became tense and destructive.

Things can get downright ugly on the road. There is often such a lack of civility towards other drivers. Many young adults were raised without learning how to respect others and manners have taken a backseat to instant gratification and selfishness. This is very evident in cases of road rage.

Tempers certainly flared during bumper to bumper traffic during rush hour when the driver of a Jeep Cherokee lost his cool. He started swearing and throwing food at cars in front of him. It wasn’t these people’s fault that traffic was backed up. They were simply stuck there with him. But, this man’s mother didn’t teach him how to control his temper or be a civilized human being. When the Prius driver got out and threw the food back at the Jeep, things got ugly. The Jeep smashed into the Prius several times. The open door of the fuel-efficient car was ripped off as the SUV plowed into it.

Luckily, a Good Samaritan filmed it all for the Prius owner. The Jeep driver was claiming that he was the victim and that the Prius owner attacked him and caused all of this mess.


Road rage statistics are frightening. There are approximately 30 murders committed by angry drivers every year. Revenge is not healthy, particularly on the road.

It is estimated there are 8 million cases of road rage annually. These cases may be as minor as blocking someone from changing lanes, but in cases like the one above, things can escalate quickly. 80% of drivers admit to having had some sort of road rage. Maybe it’s time we all take a good hard look at ourselves and ask whether it’s really worth it.

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