road rage

Some people just lose their minds while driving, but road rage is always a bad idea. It never ends well and is never a justified reaction. One man who decided to go after a motorcyclist at a traffic light learned this the hard way when he found himself laying down on the pavement.

This older creep got so angry at the motorcyclist driving around him that he ran up to the bike and hit the biker’s girlfriend who apparently weighs about 100 pounds. The biker wasn’t about to let this cretin assault his girl, so he got off the bike and threw the man to the ground.

Suddenly, the man realized that he picked a fight he couldn’t win. He tried claiming that the girl assaulted him but watch his eyes bulge as the biker informs him that it was all caught on camera. He thought he could get away with this crazy behavior but there was no denying it. When an eyewitness came by, he tried lying but he was losing the battle.

You can watch this alarming case of road rage in the video below.

Wow! He really didn’t make a wise decision when he got out of the car. There was no way for him to win that fight.

The man later tried to blame whiskey for his road rage. If he had been drinking whiskey, he didn’t have any business driving. He also broke his ankle during this altercation.

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The man was charged with assault, disorderly conduct, threats, endangerment, and impaired driving. He is clearly also guilty of having incredibly poor judgment and a short fuse!

There are plenty of fools who choose road rage.

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