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Red Skelton entertained us for decades starting at the age of 10 with a traveling show. He was a funny kid who grew up to become a household name. He passed away in 1987, but his videos are still fun to watch today!

Unlike many comedians of today, Red could make us laugh without being vulgar. He gave us good, clean humor that you could watch with the entire family and his 1950s show helped launch another comedian that we came to know and love, Johnny Carson.

In 1983, Red was a guest on “The Tonight Show.” The comedians discussed both of their Hollywood beginnings. Johnny said some the best times of his life were when he was a writer on “The Red Skelton Show.” That’s when Johnny asked Red to do some of the old characters like Clem Kadidlehopper.

Johnny enjoyed every second of this interview. He credited Red with helping launch his famed career and loved walking down memory lane with him.


Red Skelton remains one of the best entertainers of all times. The Red Skelton Show began during the infancy of television. It first aired in 1951 on ABC and in 1954, the show moved to CBS. It was expanded to an hour and renamed “The Red Skelton Hour” in 1962. It remained on CBS until it was canceled in 1970, despite having high ratings. The network made this poor decision in an attempt to attract younger viewers!

Red was a proud American. He wasn’t politically correct like today’s entertainers. He even predicted that the left would eventually attack the Pledge of Allegiance. This wise man foresaw the liberals who want to dismantle our American values today! He believed the pledge was an important part of history that Americans should not only recite, but appreciate. He even took time on his show to explain the Pledge and what it means.


Red Skelton was an amazing entertainer and a proud American! He brought us Classic TV that still entertains us decades after his death.

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