Red Skelton, pledge of allegiance

Red Skelton was a funny man. The comedian graced our television sets for years bringing us lots of laughter. He was also a proud American.

In 1969, he discussed his love of the Pledge of Allegiance and he foreshadowed a problem we see today. Skelton said the pledge, while highlighting the significance of each word. Then he expressed concern that the pledge would be deemed to be a prayer and face an attempt to be eliminated from schools.

You have to watch the video below.

Not Just The Pledge of Allegiance

Pretty spot on, right? And the problems don’t stop at the Pledge.

All Americans are aware of how many protests have taken place during our National Anthem, particularly at NFL games.

Interestingly, it took a foreigner – legendary Olympian Usain Bolt – to back up what Red Skelton said all those years ago.

Watch as Bolt shushes a reporter to be respectful to the American National Anthem:

There was a time when being patriotic in Hollywood was the standard. It’s pathetic what it has become.

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