K9 unit prays brain surgery

Video of a police officer and his K9 praying over a boy before he had surgery to remove a brain tumor has gone viral. It shows the compassion and faith of the officer and the healing nature of prayer. Prayer is a powerful thing that can unite and heal us unlike anything else.

9-year-old Jalen Mann loves German Shepards. He has stuffed animals of his favorite canines that he calls “Jalen’s guard dogs.” So, when the Warner Robins Police Department got word that the Georgia boy has a brain tumor and loves German Shepards, they wanted to support him before he went to the hospital for his surgery.

Warner Robins Police Department Jalen Manns

“Five or six officers came this morning and got there at 6 a.m. They knocked on the door and said we’re looking for Jalen,” Jalen’s mom Hannah Manns said. “He shook their hand and they gave him some gifts. … They took him outside and he explained to them he wanted to meet all their dogs.” The officers couldn’t bring all of the K9s out at once, so they took turns, Manns says.

One of the officers knelt down next to Jalen and began to pray for a successful surgery. Officer Jason Lambert had one hand on Jalen and the other on his K9 to add even more meaning to the situation.

“Lord we know that it is your will and divine intervention that has made this day possible,” Lambert said. “Lord, be with them in the operating room today. Guide their hands. We pray for Jalen that you would heal his body, Lord God. Heal him from the things that are hindering him right now, Lord Jesus.”

“Lord God, we know that your touch and your blood can heal him right now. We pray for the family – that you would guide them and keep them safe,” the officer’s prayer continued. “Give them strength throughout this trying time. Let them know that you’re with them. We cry out to you right now Lord Jesus.”

It’s a very powerful video that shows the humanity and faith of the officer. It’s no wonder the video below quickly went viral!

The prayer helped as Jalen’s surgery was a success and he is back home!

Source: Faith Wire

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