K9 Jango Fett

Somedays we just don’t feel like going to work. We just don’t feel motivated and want to stay home. This happens to everyone, including police dogs.

Jango Fett is a K9 for the Anne Arundel County Sherrif’s Office. He didn’t want to get in the car to go to work one Tuesday morning. He laid on the ground, refusing to move each time his partner called him to get in the car.  He stayed put on the lawn near the car.

Carrie Costin recorded her husband’s attempt to get Jango into the car. “Jango just lays flat on the ground,” she laughed, “and it’s only Tuesday!”

Jango began to sit up at one point, but only did that to prod Ryan into what he really wanted, some attention. Finally, Ryan complied, knelt down and pet Jango. Obviously, that dog wasn’t going anywhere without getting some affection. After a good belly rub, the K9 jumped into the car without any issues. He just needed some attention before they started their workday. Everyone needs some encouragement, after all, including dogs!

Dog lovers will get a laugh while watching Jango’s workday blues in the video below. It appears this highly trained dog has his owner trained as well!

Jango was showing off his police negotiation skills that are so critical to the job. He clearly has his human partner wrapped around his paw.

Police dogs have to work incredibly hard. Their loyalty drives them to protect their partners as they respect the fact they are part of a team. So, Jango deserves a good belly rub before they head to work. Who could say no to him?

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Source: Western Journal

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