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A family struggling with their daughter who is a pathological liar turned to Dr. Phil for help. He gave them all a reality check that hopefully helps their daughter turn her life around.

Jessica began spewing ludicrous lies at a young age. When she was just 10-years-old, she claimed she was pregnant. While she does have a 2-year-old daughter, she’s lied multiple times about being pregnant. Her mother says the 22-year-old enjoys the attention she receives when she lies.

Although she is a nurse’s assistant, Jessica relies on men for money. She calls herself a “sugar baby” because she tries to get men to shower her with money and gifts. When her parents had enough of her lies and manipulation, Jessica headed to Las Vegas with her toddler because a man promised to make her famous. That obviously was just a line that led to Jessica and her daughter ending up in a homeless shelter.

Jessica was foolish enough to try to lie and act hostile towards Dr. Phil. He doesn’t stand for that behavior and calls it out in the video below.

Jessica’s parents are very concerned about their granddaughter. Jessica surrounds herself with sketchy people and makes questionable decisions regarding her life that affect the toddler.

Jessica’s behavior on stage got even worse as she couldn’t stop talking and interrupting. She was digging herself a hole while trying to pull out the victim card. Dr. Phil wasn’t having any of it.


Dr. Phil then told Jessica that he is obliged to report suspected child abuse or neglect to the court. He laid out the case that Jessica is not properly caring for her daughter. He went through 10 parental fitness factors that are investigated by the court. Jessica failed this test.

In the video below, Dr. Phil served her up a healthy dose of truth by telling her she needs to stop playing the victim and start parenting her daughter.

Dr. Phil has a way of giving people in crisis an honest and sometimes brutal reality check. Hopefully, Jessica listens – at least for her daughter’s sake.

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