Gospel Choir Flashmob

Shoppers in a shopping mall in Germany got quite a treat when a gospel choir flash mob suddenly performed “Oh Happy Day” on a very busy shopping day.

This is a rather unexpected occurrence at a mall. It is rare enough for people to start singing, but imagine a Christian song suddenly being sung as you are shopping. Now, imagine this song being song in another language! That is what these people experienced at a German mall – and they LOVED it!

The shoppers stopped and joined in with the choir, proving that music unites us, even when we are not expecting it. The video below is definitely worth seeing! It’s hard not to clap and sing along. Their happiness is rather contagious and a terrific way to spread God’s love!


The spirit of God can really move you, even when it shows up unexpectedly at the mall! This was really fun to watch. This can be a fun experience and a terrific and unique way to spread God’s love and word.

Sometimes an unexpected worship music can be exactly what someone needs. In the video below a choir suddenly appears in a building to sing “Amazing Grace.” They even had a trumpeter! The acoustics from the high ceiling allow their voices and the sound of the trumpet to carry throughout the entire building, drawing people over to listen to this powerful Christian song!

If you are a proud Christian, you will love the video below!

Absolutely beautiful! It would be hard not to tear up if I suddenly encountered either of these performances! It’s no wonder why so many people came to listen and join in after they heard these melodic voices singing God’s praises. It is hard to resist!

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Source: Discipleship Nation

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