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Man on the street interviews can highlight how much our education system has fallen. Young Americans don’t often have basic knowledge of our nation’s history. This is exposed by asking people on camera simple questions that many of us learned by the fifth grade.

Prager University took to the streets of Hollywood to ask people about our American presidents. There have only been 45 presidents, so this shouldn’t be that overwhelming, but it was for most of the people they came across. Tinseltown is the epicenter for liberal lectures and ground zero for the Resistance against President Trump, but the folks who were interviewed couldn’t even answer basic questions about him or his predecessors! Many people didn’t even know who the first president was and nobody knew that John Adams was the second president.

Interviewer Will Witt from Prager U intentionally mixed up some facts to see if anyone would catch on. One example is when he asked about President Trump’s Gettysburg Address. The person answering trashed it without realizing it was a speech by Abraham Lincoln. This is something that was drilled into most us by the second or third grade, but either these students weren’t taught this important piece of history or they weren’t listening!

You will laugh at the people who said Barack Obama was the best president. They couldn’t even give a proper reason for this opinion. Typical Hollywood! Plenty of opinions without any facts!


I feel like Einstein after watching that! Hollywood folks often look down on other Americans for being conservative. They lecture us on our rights, yet they don’t even know basic American history!

Mark Dice also masterfully trolls these liberals by asking similar questions. He had trouble finding people on a California beach who knew who won the Civil War! It’s funny until you remember that these people can vote!

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