Little People Big World Guinness World Record

The entire Roloff Family came together to celebrate something historic. This special family has won a Guinness World Record for accomplishing something no other family in the world had done before!

Their show on TLC is now the longest-running¬†family-focused reality television show. “Little People, Big World” is in the records book! They officially won this honor with their 298th episode that aired on June 27, 2017. The Roloffs have already surpassed that number with 307 episodes.

Americans love learning about the Roloffs. When the show first aired, there was a lot of curiosity about how Matt and Amy managed to parent and get around in a world that is physically structured for taller people. It didn’t take long to see that despite their size, they are just an ordinary family that deals with the same things we all do! Amy and Matt don’t use their size as an excuse and neither does Zach and we look up to them for it!

Molly and Jacob have been camera shy since they entered adulthood, but they were both there to celebrate this historic accomplishment. Amy posted a photo on Instagram of the family receiving the Guinness plaque.

Matt also shared the picture and message on social media encouraging fans to spread the news about their show’s longevity.

We have watched the Roloff family go through a lot of changes over 12 years. Amy and Matt’s four children are all adults now. Three are married and one is engaged. There are two grandchildren as well. Our hearts broke when Amy and Matt got divorced, but they both remain committed to their family despite their relationship change.

They still get together as a family. Shortly before the Guinness Record was announced, Matt posted a video of Amy walking with their grandson Jackson. You can watch that in the Instagram post below.

“Little People, Big World” continues drawing in fans. Despite all of the changes, this family stays focused by maintaining a strong bond. This world record is proof that family television is still in demand!

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Source: Good Housekeeping

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