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Tori and Zach Roloff have quickly learned how scary life gets when your child starts walking. Jackson is on the move, but he’s had a major setback that led to a trip to Urgent Care and landed this sweet toddler in a splint.

This is the “Little People, Big World” stars’ first health issue with their son. Jackson took a tumble on Saturday playing and trying to walk. As many precautions as parents take to protect their children, some things are inevitable, especially when childrenĀ have recently become mobile.

The cameras weren’t rolling, but Tori shared this news on Instagram. At first, they thought he had “nursemaids elbow,” but after two attempts by the doctor to reduce the problem, they knew it was something else.

Tori wrote it is “absolutely the worst thing to see your child in that much pain.” Lots of parents can relate to the feeling of helplessness when their child is hurt. We would gladly trade places with them in a second.

The young mom shared some heartbreaking pictures on Instagram and Instagram stories. Jackson wasn’t crying, but these pictures are evidence that they had a very long and rough night.

Jackson Tori Roloff

The whole experience was exhausting to little Jackson. Tori looked pretty tired too. Watching your child in pain is an emotional experience. It will drain you, as Tori learned firsthand at Urgent Care.

Jackson Tori Roloff

Tori reports that Jackson might have a fracture, but they aren’t sure yet. “So this poor thing is stuck in a splint until we can know for sure. He has not let it slow him down though and is back to his happy smiley self-thank goodness! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for baby j! Little man is on the mend and will be back to conquering the world soon!,” the young mother wrote on the Instagram post below.

The picture of Jackson in a sling will break your heart. His big eyes tell the tale of a long night after this one-year-old went BOOM!

They are back home now and hopefully will get a proper diagnosis soon. It does appear that Jackson isn’t letting this slow him down!

Jackson Roloff

I’m not sure how something so sad can also be so cute, but Jackson has mastered both. Hopefully, he heals completely, soon.

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