Matt Roloff Ember Roloff
Matt Roloff Ember Roloff

Matt Roloff is a dad, grandpa, farmer, and reality TV star. And now, he might be venturing out into something else – politics. The “Little People, Big World” star mentioned that he is considering running for State Senate in the latest episode.

“Some friend of mine — a legislator here — thinks I’ll be a good candidate to run for state senator,” Matt said on LPBW. “It’s something I’m thinking about. It’s a big honor.” He continued, “I’ve dabbled in politics here and there and I’m passionate about some of the issues, but it’s also a huge sacrifice. The commitment you can’t take lightly.”

Matt’s friend, former Oregon State Senator Bruce Starr, is encouraging the TV dad to run. “By you running and winning this seat, Matt, it brings balance to the state legislature that is seriously needed,” Starr said.

It’s interesting that Starr, who is Republican, wants Matt to run to bring balance to the Oregon Senate. Currently, Democrats control this chamber. There are 17 Democrats and 13 Republicans. Matt must lean Republican if Starr is recruiting him! He has previously posted conservative-leaning posts on Facebook.

Matt Roloff

Matt Roloff would have instant name recognition in a campaign. It’s hard to discount his work ethic. Farming is a challenging profession that Matt has thrived in despite health issues. He appeared to be tempted by the encouragement to run.

“I mean, Matt Roloff, State Senator, that has a pretty good ring to it. It’s a big honor,” Matt said.

But, ex-wife Amy is doesn’t believe this is a good idea. She threw cold water on this political prospect by saying it would bring up Matt’s past. The LPBW dad admitted in his memoir that he was addicted to cocaine many years ago. He also battled alcohol. In 2013 he was arrested for a DUI, but those charges were later dismissed after he completed an alcohol diversion program.

Matt has been honest and open about those demons so it’s hard to understand why they would cause him trouble when he has moved on with his life since then.

While Amy was dismissive, Matt’s girlfriend Caryn Chandler was supportive. “I’m going to support you whatever you really, really want to do, but as long as you understand that the more you put on your plate, it takes a toll on all things.”

Even though Amy and Matt disagree and are divorced, Matt is making clear that he won’t tolerate anyone slamming Amy on his social media pages. After the episode aired, he fired off a warning on Instagram saying he will defend Amy and delete the haters.

Matt ultimately said this would take away from time he spends with Caryn. At this moment, he is leaning against running. Time will tell what happens!

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