boy helps elderly woman climb stairs

There are so many stories of disrespectful and uncaring youths that many people are concerned about the future of humanity. But, an 8-year-old boy’s kind actions towards an elderly woman when he thought nobody was looking might restore your hope in our future generations.

Maurice Adams noticed a woman having difficulty getting up some stairs with her walker. He ran over to the elderly woman and assisted her with getting to the top. She was clearly grateful that this young boy took time out to help her. It would have been rather challenging for her to get up those stairs without his help.

When they got to the top, she hugged the sweet little boy before he continued on his way. Maurice had no idea that bystander Riley Duncan pulled out his phone and recorded the sweet encounter. Duncan posted it on Facebook where it quickly went viral.

Duncan simply wrote, “Thank God for our youth.” The video of the kind gesture in Milledgeville, Georgia has over 10 million views. People want to see more positive and uplighting things.

The video below will melt your heart.

What a kind and caring young boy! These small acts of kindness can really lift your heart and spirit. Maurice likely didn’t think much about this before he went over to help this woman, but he’s made a big impact on a lot of people.

We can always be nicer to each other. This is an important lesson that must be passed down to the younger generations. We should respect our elders who have done so much to build our nation, but now require some assistance and a caring touch. We can learn a lot from this boy’s darling actions in Milledgeville, Georgia.

There are plenty of young people who understand this. A teen held an umbrella over an elderly woman waiting at a bus stop in the glaring sun recently. He didn’t know the woman, but he wanted to help her!

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