student hits teacher

A Texas student whose parents clearly didn’t teach him how to behave assaulted his high school teacher, and it was captured on video by another student. The student was furious that the teacher had taken away his cell phone during class.

The Cedar Hill High School student is seen on the video swearing at his physics teacher and throwing papers off his desk. Then he got physical with the teacher.

“Give me my f**king phone. This is the last time asking your stupid ass,” the teen yelled before shoving the teacher’s head. “Give me my damn phone!” Sadly, the teacher must have felt cornered and he returned the phone to the out of control teen.

The video was uploaded to Facebook by Chris Hunt, whose daughter is in this class. “Wow this happened at my daughter’s school today??,” Hunt wrote when he posted the video below. “This is sad. Father’s We Gotta Raise These Young Men Better, But I commend the teacher because he handled it & he’s a better man than me!!”

The appalling behavior caused a lot of outrage and forced the principal to comment.  “I was shocked to see such egregious behavior,” said Cedar Hill principal Michael McDonald. “That’s not something we condone.”

The school district claims it disciplined the student, but there is a concern the student only received a slap on the wrist.

“[The teacher] actually met with the student after the class, they talked, they hugged,” said McDonald. “He spent a lot of time working with the student through the course of the year. They have a great relationship and that was just a bad day the student was having.”

Today’s teachers have to deal with some very unruly kids. Some parents don’t discipline their children so their awful behavior continues in class. Our teachers need to feel safe at work. Also, what about the other children sitting there being exposed to this behavior. They see a teacher being attacked and the offending child not being appropriately punished.

This student has no business being in that classroom. He should have lost that right when he swore at and put his hands on the teacher.

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Source: Daily Wire

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