Spiderman rescue balcony

Emergency situations can turn average people into superheroes. That’s what 22-year-old Mamoudou Gassama is being called after scaling four stories in Spiderman-like fashion to rescue a four-year-old who was dangling from a Paris balcony. This hero is being humble and saying the credit belongs to God.

The video showing Gassama climb to the fourth floor from the outside of the building in 30 seconds is nothing short of miraculous. It truly does appear to be something out of an action movie. The immigrant from Mali didn’t hesitate when he saw the child hanging with his life in the balance. He jumped up to the first balcony and continued until he was able to grab the child’s arm and pull him to safety.

The man many are calling Spiderman believes there is a good reason why he was able to accomplish this – GOD!

“I just didn’t have time to think. I ran across the road to go and save him,” the human Spiderman said. “I just climbed up and thank God, God helped me. The more I climbed the more I had the courage to climb up higher. That’s it.”
After watching the video below, you will agree that God must have had a hand in this remarkable rescue.

AMAZING! Our Spiderman says he only trembled in fear after saving the child. Until he was saved, Gassama was too busy focusing on the rescue to be afraid. He feels God pushed him to save the preschooler. While many people stood by helplessly, including people on the balcony, this hero sprung into action with what he feels is divine inspiration.

For his heroic actions, during a meeting with French President Macron, Gassama was awarded French citizenship and was also offered a job with the Paris Fire Brigade.


The child’s father was out playing Pokemon Go when the four-year-old managed to get too close to the edge of the balcony. While the father is now facing two years in prison for this neglect, Gassama is being hailed as a hero.


He reminds many people of James Shaw Jr. who quickly disarmed the Waffle House mass shooter and then went to church.

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Source: CBN

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