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A young girl is being lauded as a hero for saving her baby brother during a shootout. Ten-year-old Aaliyah Inghram literally took a bullet protecting her brother in a terrifying event that would shake most adults to their core.

Samantha Tygrit, who is 14 weeks pregnant, was putting away groceries in the parking lot of a Las Vegas area Walmart when gunfire erupted. Tygrit was shot in the shoulder but carried on trying to get her children out of harm’s way. Her kids were already in the car when bullets started crescendoing around them, piercing the vehicle. She quickly pulled her 4-year-old daughter out of the seat and threw her to the ground for safety but the rest of her children and her nephew were still in their seats.

Aaliyah instinctively used her body to shield her brother and nephews as bullets penetrated the car. If she hadn’t done that, her baby brother would have likely been shot in the stomach. This young girl put her life on the line to protect those younger than her. While so many people run away from gunfire, young Aaliyah stayed put to shield her brother and 15-month-old cousin.

“I didn’t want the baby to get hurt so I like stepped in front of the babies,” the young hero said. “If I wouldn’t have stood in front of my brother, he would have been shot in the stomach.”

Aaliyah didn’t realize she was shot until she saw blood. She passed out and was awoken when water was splashed on her. She and her mother were both taken to the hospital to be treated and released.

“She saved her brother’s life yesterday, and my nephews, because they were both there,” the mother said. “Her little body could only shield so much. But she threw herself in front of them.”

An interview with this remarkable family is below.

In today’s environment, selfishness reigns, so it’s remarkable to see this kid doing something so very selfless. “Good thing that my brother’s okay because I would rather be shot than him be shot,” the young hero said.

When asked about the shooters, the mother had no mercy for them. “I think they are cowards,” Tygrit said. “They are animals. They were both crazy. They didn’t have regard for anyone’s life to shoot into a crowded parking lot after school during rush hour traffic.”

One of the two suspects is in police custody.

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Source: Western Journal

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