police scare teen straight

The teen years are when many kids rebel. Their actions during this time can make or break the rest of their lives. We all know that when the cops are called, things can go from bad to worse quickly, but the quick thinking of one cop likely has led to a 13-year-old boy getting his life on track.

Jeffersonville, Indiana Police were called because an out of control 13-year-old boy was attacking his mom’s boyfriend and threatened to destroy everything and ruin their lives because he was bored. The mom was at her wit’s end as she couldn’t manage her young teen son. Then, the lead cop decided to play the old routine of Good Cop Bad Cop to send this kid a strong lesson.

When police arrived, they put the boy in handcuffs and tossed him in the police car. That certainly is a humbling experience for a child testing his boundaries. The cop then hatched the plan with the mom. He just wanted to scare the boy, so he told the boy his mom begged for mercy.

Watch what happens in the video from Live PD below.

This is excellent police work. This police officer recognizes that Juvenile Detention is the likely the wrong move for this kid. Cookie cutter punishment doesn’t always fit with teens but a good scare will likely serve this youngster better than time behind bars. Not only does it prevent the child from being scarred by going to juvie, but it frees up resources for out of control teens who really need that form of punishment.

This mom better make sure that her son doesn’t watch this video until years later! There is no need for him to know that this was all a plan and he wasn’t going away that night! Hopefully, this scared him straight and he finds better things to do when he is bored than assaulting and threatening his mom and her boyfriend!

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