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An Ohio Police Department tried locating the owners of a lost dog. It’s hard to imagine not trying to find your pet when they go missing, but this happens across the country every day and it happened to this John Doe Dog, too. In a twist of fate, however, he ended up winning the lottery when his loser parents gave up on him. When nobody stepped forward, the police knew that he was meant to be with them.

The Kirtland Police Department picked up a large stray dog running the streets in the Northeastern Ohio community in April 2016. A few weeks passed without anyone coming forward to claim John Doe Dog. The police officers didn’t want to send this amazing dog off to the shelter after an exhaustive search to find his owners, so they took steps to make him the department dog.

JD Police dog

“The folks here at the Police Department wanted a good home for JD (this is now his name) so with the permission of the Chief and the Mayor JD has been adopted by the Kirtland Police Association but they also share the warmth this stoic animal has brought with City Hall and the Fire Department. JD has fit into the environment as though he were here always. We are happy to have him in our department and our lives. He loves everyone and we love him,” the Kirtland Police Department wrote on its Facebook page.

JD police dog

JD immediately became an important member of the police department. This loveable Cane Corso or pit bull mix proved to be an amazing ambassador for local law enforcement. He got his own Facebook page and was invited to schools to mingle and interact with the students as a member of the police force.

JD police dog

Everyone in Kirtland wanted to meet JD. He was a loving host when the Daisy Girl Scouts stopped by the police station for a visit below.

JD Police dog

This homeless dog quickly became one of the most important members of the community because the police officers believed in him. The dog that nobody wanted was suddenly wanted by everyone. As you can see in the video below, JD even walked with the mayor in a parade!

Sadly, this hometown pup was diagnosed with cancer in February. The disease ultimately took his life in April, leaving a lot of hearts broken. JD was a very visible part of the community for two incredible years.

Now people are hoping the Police Department takes in another stray dog. With luck, it will happen, there will never be another JD.

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