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Brett Favre welfare audit $1.1 million for speeches
May 7, 2020
An audit revealed NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre accepted over $1 million in welfare funds for speeches that he never gave.
Source: Screenshot, YouTube
November 1, 2018
In a sickening video, a loud, overweight welfare queen brags about how her entire life is paid for by the American taxpayers.
judge judy welfare rent
May 22, 2018
Judge Judy doesn’t have tolerance for scammers. She has no mercy for people who enter her courtroom and admit to abusing welfare. Her tax dollars are funding their lifestyle and that infuriates her!
Judge Judy welfare queen
March 19, 2018
Judge Judy has no tolerance for people who leech off the government. When an entitled welfare queen enters Judge Judy’s courtroom, you better get your popcorn because you know you are going to see a show!
Judge Judy welfare
February 12, 2018
Judge Judy uses her no-nonsense approach to put a welfare queen on notice for taking public assistance money she doesn’t need.
welfare queen
May 2, 2017
A woman on welfare calls into a radio show and reveals how people like her abuse the system.