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People in Prague did a double take the Human Ken Doll met up with his counterpart in that city. Rodrigo Alves was binge drinking because he felt alone. Then he met up with Robert Paulat, who is known locally as the Human Ken Doll because of his 47 cosmetic surgeries. Their love of plastic surgery brought a much-needed sense of camaraderie to the Brazilian born Alves.

The two blondes have been hanging out in Prague while Alves is there in preparation for even more cosmetic enhancements. As you can imagine, there have been plenty of rubberneckers checking to see if these two are real or some sort of bizarre art exhibit.

These two must have had a lot to talk about. They clearly share a love for attention and doctor’s appointments. Before meeting up with his Czech counterpart, Alves complains that he drowned his loneliness during his stay in the city in alcohol.

“In Prague this week I will be having a face revamp with a cocktail of injections which includes vitamins, Botox and hyaluronic acid,” Alves said about his upcoming procedures. “After that Dr. Blanka will make my facial features sharper by added treads made in Korea which will pull my face and giving fresh look and sharper, I will also pump my lips a bit to make them more defined.”

Alves reports at this point, he almost has a duty to continue going under the knife and needles. ‘I think that if I ever stop looking after myself people will think that I have lost my will to live.” the Human Ken Doll claims.

Alves plans to live stream his plastic surgery procedures on his Instagram account to fuel his need for added attention. The Human Ken Doll is having a face lift with injections and treads imported from Korea. This is supposed to give him a “sharper” and fresher look. Rodrigo said in January that he felt “perfect” and thought he was done with plastic surgery. That feeling obviously has passed.

You don’t have to be a psychiatrist to believe that Rodrigo Alves will never find what he is looking for from plastic surgery. He complains of loneliness and appears to try to cure that with the attention that even more plastic surgery brings. He is on a quest to constantly change himself. The man does not appear to be comfortable in his own skin.

Click here to see what the Human Ken Doll looked like before his plastic surgeries. You might be surprised!

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Source: Daily Mail

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