Rodrigo Alves

In today’s society plastic surgery isn’t abnormal. But, many think a Brazilian man has taken his love for plastic surgery entirely too far. After taking look at him, you’ll think he certainly puts the “plastic” in plastic surgery.

Rodrigo Alves struggled with is self image. In 2004, he went under a plastic surgeon’s knife for the first time. Since then, he has had 49 more. His search for perfection have earned him the nickname of the Human Ken Doll.

Anyone I know who has had plastic surgery really wants everything to look natural, but Alves looks like something out of a science lab. He looks completely unnatural as his head is so molded and loaded with implants that he looks like a bobblehead with slim shoulders.

Alves, who claims “there’s no such thing as being addicted to plastic surgery,” had funded his operations with an inheritance from his grandparents. One surgery has required such a challenging recovery that he claimed eating solid food could make his stitches pop. Even with that concern, the Human Ken Doll says there are more surgeries in his future. He wants his body to match his soul. I didn’t realize souls were plastic!

Paparazzi caught the Human Ken Doll out on a date in London with surgically enhanced Chloe Khan, the former X Factor and Big Brother contestant. The raw video of these two people, who are dream patients for plastic surgeons, can be seen below.

Here are some before and after pictures. He sure looked a lot better before he went under the knife.

I’m a too-each-his-own kind of person, but it sure is hard to look away from this man. He seems to have taken his love for plastic surgery even farther than Michael Jackson ever did!

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H/T: Daily Mail

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