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When Human Ken Doll Ken Alves went on the UK’s Loose Women television show to show off the results of his recent plastic surgery, he likely wasn’t expecting to be grilled over whether he was crazy. But, that’s exactly what happened.

Alves went to Iran to get over $580k in plastic surgery done. Iran seems like an odd place to go for surgery, so the discussion began with that. It quickly headed to Crazy Town when the women began questioning the psychological reasons that caused Alves to repeatedly alter his physical appearance.

When Alves said people think he is handsome, the show’s hosts argued that people stared at him not because he was attractive, but because he looked so strange!

In the video below, the Human Ken Doll is actually asked questions I would like him to answer. He might be used to being coddled over his decision to get all of these surgeries, but these women weren’t giving him a pass!

In that interview, Alves said that he was never turned down for plastic surgery, but, that’s not true!

On a recent episode of Botched, which deals with bad plastic surgeries, Doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow said he needed to avoid having another nose job right now because he was risking his nose turning black and falling off! The Human Ken Doll was having trouble breathing as his nose was shrinking after having so many surgeries. It appears this was before he went to Iran for another round of procedures!

What Alves needs doesn’t come from a plastic surgeon’s scalpel. It’s rather apparent that he needs some psychological help. It was interesting to see him finally being confronted with this obvious fact!

You can see what Alves looked like before surgery by clicking here!

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It didn’t take long for this dose of reality to wear off. The Human Ken Doll was soon back under the knife in his constant question to change his looks!

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Source: The Sun

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