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Many teens are not only dependant on their phones, but they are actually addicted to them as well. Dr. Phil recently spoke with one who can’t handle not being on her phone. She reached out to Dr. Phil for a reality check and he obliged.

17-year-old Khloe claims she “can’t breathe without wifi” and will have panic attacks without it. She even has a strap on her phone that allows her to hold it as she sleeps. She knows she has a problem with social media in particular. She gets a rush from gaining approval from people on Instagram and Facebook.

When her phone is taken away as a form of punishment, she has a complete meltdown!

Khloe prefers to be alone and on her phone rather than engaging with people in real life. She was very honest with Dr. Phil and wants help attaining independence from her device.

Dr. Phil broke things down for her by explaining what is likely behind her motivation to hide behind that phone.

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Cell Phone Addiction

At least, Khloe knows she has a problem. That’s a huge first step. Like other teens, she is seeking approval from strangers. Khloe says she has low self-esteem that is alleviated by the rush she gets from likes on social media when she posts a picture. It has gotten so bad that she spends 16 to 18 hours a day on her phone.

Unfortunately, this is an issue for many teens across the country. They are addicted to technology that allows them to escape the real world. But, they must deal with the real world. They can’t always hide behind a screen.

Like with anything, cell phone use should be in moderation or it can disrupt one’s life. Sleeping with your phone should be a huge red flag that you have some serious issues! Thankfully, Khloe recognizes that she needs help.

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