Gregory beagle

A 2-year-old beagle rescued from death row just in time showed a lot of appreciation to his rescuer and it was all captured in an adorable photo during his Freedom Ride.

Gregory landed in the Franklin County Shelter in Columbus, Ohio. Since he was heartworm positive, his chances of getting out of there were slim as the course of treatment for this costs hundreds of dollars. But, Schenley Hutson Kirk and her husband Joe saw him online and decided to pop him out of that joint. As the founders of Hound Rescue and Sanctuary, they were ready to step up and be Gregory’s heroes.

Gregory Beagle

Joe took the day off work to drive two hours to Columbus from their Toledo home. It was the first time he ever interacted with this dog, but the sweet beagle was affectionate during their ride home. Joe was not expecting Gregory to thank him, but that’s exactly what happened.

“My husband took the day off work to drive to the shelter, while I stayed home to take care of the other rescue dogs,” Kirk told The Dodo. “On the way back home, he decided he was going to take a couple selfies of our new rescue, which I got after him a little bit for since he’s not supposed to take pictures while driving — but considering the photos he captured I couldn’t complain too much.”

Gregory was tethered to the back seat so his leash wouldn’t allow him to jump on Joe during the drive. The dog got as close as he could though.

“[Joe] sent me three photos, and in the last one, little Gregory had leaned his head over, as if to say, ‘You saved my life. I knew I was going to die at that shelter, but you saved me today,’” the hound rescuer said. “And just the look in his eyes — the thankfulness, the appreciation and the love of this little dog — it’s as if he knows his life has been saved.”

Gregory beagle

In the third picture, the grateful beagle put his head on Joe’s shoulder and looked up at him longingly.

Gregory beagle

While Gregory is undergoing his heartworm treatment, he is learning tricks and how to be a housedog. He is still very grateful and follows them from room to room.

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Source: Western Journal

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