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It takes a real piece of scum to abandon his dog in a flood. But, that’s what one South Carolina man did. Fortunately for the dog, a Good Samaritan heard his barks for help and came to the rescue.

The dog was rescued by Alex Scroggins who was floating a couch past the home where the dog was left to die. At first, he assumed the yellow lab’s owner was nearby. Alex was helping his mom and sister save items from their home. He noticed the dog was still there after repeated trips from the boat to his mom’s house. The dog was getting more and more agitated. It was distressed and scared. It needed help. That’s when he realized this dog was abandoned by its owner to die.

He knew he needed to save the dog. He put a crate he found in the house on the couch. At first, the dog was scared, but he appeared to trust that Alex was coming to the rescue. Then, Alex ferried the scared dog to safety.

Watch the heartwarming video of the rescue below. Who could ever leave this sweet dog behind?

Alex didn’t want to take the dog to the shelter out of fear it would be put down. After the flood, the shelters were filled with dogs. He didn’t want to rescue this dog just to have it killed in a shelter. He then returned to the home where he found the dog, but he wasn’t impressed with who he encountered there.

Alex ended up keeping the dog after learning the owner was abusive. Apparently, there was also room on Alex’s couch at home for this sweet dog. No way was he sending the dog back to that horrific owner! So, this dog ultimately won. He traded in his putrid owner for one who loves him. And he got a new name, too. He now is Lucky.

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