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NASHVILLE, TN - DECEMBER 08: Jeanne Robertson visits SiriusXM's Blue Collar Radio at the SiriusXm Studio on December 8, 2011 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Ed Rode/Getty Images)

Jeanne Robertson’s marriage to her husband Left Brain provides her with a lot of material for her shows.

As his nickname implies, Left Brain is rather analytical and sometimes, he doesn’t realize the effect his words can have.

This can amount to a lot of trouble for him, particularly when Jeanne’s best friend Norma Rose is there to issue a report back to Jeanne.

The former Miss North Carolina turned humorist is on the road about 25 days a month for work. This means the five days that she spends at home every month are spent on what she calls “maintenance.”

Aging Gracefully With Maintenance

When you get to a certain age, your maintenance program often involves spending a lot of time at medical appointments.

She was at one of these “maintenance” appointments getting dental implants when Left Brain inadvertently backed the bus over her while at a luncheon.

One of the women told Left Brain that Jeanne is looking good. The devoted husband replied, “Well, she works at it.”

When one of the women asked what Jeanne does to work at it, Left Brain went through Jeanne’s beauty and health regimen in full detail.

He even discussed that her weight can “balloon up,” so she goes to “yogurt class.”

These are not things women want to be shared about them at all, much less in public!

Left Brain Slips Up

Left Brain really dug himself into a hole because Norma Rose spilled the beans.

Jeanne said that much like the movie “Sleepless in Seattle,” Left Brain could be called “Clueless in North Carolina.”

You will especially laugh at Left Brain’s mention of the two implants Jeanne was getting that day!

Thankfully for him, Jeanne has a sense of humor!


No one can tell a story quite like Jeanne Robertson! She proves that comedy can still be hilarious without foul or inappropriate language.

If you are a Jeanne Robertson fan, click here to watch her explain why she and Left Brain use a broom instead of a gun!

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