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Humorist Jeanne Robertson has a way of making everything hilarious. She is so funny that her stories don’t require any sort of scandal or foul language. Every member of the family can enjoy watching her performances.

Left Brain

Many of her stories involve her husband, who she lovingly refers to as Left Brain. Her husband played basketball at Duke and has a doctorate degree, but neither of those things helps him when he’s trying to complete a very basic task, grocery shopping.

Jeanne bakes 7-Up pound cakes when people are ill, or someone has passed away. She needed to bake some, so she sent Left Brain to the store to pick up the ingredients. He wanted to be able to go through the express lane at the store, so Jeanne numbered the items to help him focus.

But, Left Brain took this basic task and really messed it up. Jeanne was shocked to see what he brought home. He brought home so much food that he had to make multiple trips to bring things in from the car. Left Brain lived up to his nickname, and overthought this list of a handful of items.

Jeanne’s Grocery List

Left Brain made a big mistake with Jeanne’s list. He didn’t realize his error until it was too late. He had so many items that he couldn’t get through the express lane. But, the best part comes when Jeanne returns to the store a few days later, and she spoke with the cashier who had checked out Left Brain.

Watch the video below for a good laugh!

She must have been making pound cakes for weeks. I understand why she doesn’t want to send him to the grocery store again. They must have had enough ingredients for the apocalypse.

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