Jeanne Robertson

Humorist Jeanne Robertson has a completely different style of comedy than most of the entertainers of today. Jeanne keeps her performances clean. She doesn’t need foul language to be funny. She also doesn’t tell jokes as much as she tells stories. And her stories are hilarious!

Jeanne explained why she considers herself to be a humorist rather than a comedian. “The humorist weaves the longer stories with a point. We don’t go ‘after’ anybody,” she said “I’m telling my life.” There is plenty of humor in life without the need to taunt anyone.

Jeanne Robertson Says Don’t Mess With “Broom People”

In the video below, this Christian humorist tells a story about why you don’t want to mess with “Broom People.”

She then weaves a story about how a discovery in their home that led to them grabbing their brooms rather than guns that helped convince her husband to get a much-needed hearing check.

If you aren’t a Jeanne Robertson fan, you will be after watching the hilarious video below!

Hilarious! I don’t think Victoria’s Secret will be calling her to be a spokesperson anytime soon. But, I certainly can relate to her comments about preferring lotion and flannel pajamas.

Fun for the Family

This is the brand of humor many of us need. We are so tired of the put-downs and vulgar language. Jeanne provides us with laughter without attacking anyone. This is family-friendly comedy!

Jeanne draws her humor from everyday life. She refers to her husband Jerry as “left brain,” because he thinks much differently than she does. They are both athletes who played college basketball.

The 6’2″ Jeanne was also a beauty pageant queen. In 1963, she was Miss North Carolina. That same year, she was named Miss Congeniality in the Miss America contest.

She’s unlike any other funny lady and that’s why we love her humor so much!

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