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An armed robber thought a Mexican butcher shop would be an easy target but a quick-thinking older man in a cowboy hat quickly proved this young man wrong! That’s when this would-be robber learned that you don’t mess with a cowboy!

Surveillance video shows a man wearing a hoodie enter Carnes Cares butcher shop in Monterrey. The cowboy was at the cash register checking out. First, the robber pointed at the cashier and demanded money. Then, he made the mistake of pointing at the man in the cowboy hat.

Seconds after threatening the cowboy, the robber turned his back on the man to point his gun at another customer. That proved to be his undoing.

With the creep’s back turned to him, the man in the cowboy hat immediately came at him. The cowboy quickly wrestled the would-be robber’s gun away and a struggle continued off camera as a store employee grabbed the gun off the floor and ran to the back of the establishment.

The robber soon appears back in front of the camera looking worse for the wear. He lost his hoodie while struggling with the much older cowboy! The crook was then subdued by three men as the cashier picked up the phone, presumably to call the police.

Amazingly, this entire ordeal takes place in just one minute! That’s a lot of action packed into 60 seconds!

You’ll be cheering for the cowboy as you watch the video below. This surveillance video shows immediate justice in action!

This hooded robber isn’t exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. I also am wondering what took the cashier so long to call the police. She acted as if it was no big deal! Thankfully, the wannabe robber ended up in police custody. The cowboy saved the day!

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Source: Fox News

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